Development of a high-performance thermal and fluid energy conversion system for local production and disappearance type

Outline of Projects

We improve the technology of power generation by renewable energies for local production and consumption of electricity in the Hokuriku region of Japan.
We develop the thermal and fluid energy conversion systems that cover rated capacity from several watts to megawatts: small wind turbine systems suit-able in the urban area, offshore floating vertical-axis wind turbine systems, internal combustion power generation system with gasification of dry wood biomass, and thermoacoustic power generation system utilizing waste heat.


division Div. of Renewable Power Generation division director KIWATA Takahiro
organization name attribute job title affilication
KIWATA Takahiro Adjunct Professor Mech. Eng.
KONO Takaaki Full-time Assitant Professor RSET
TADA Yukio Adjunct Professor Mech. Eng.
ENOMOTO Hiroshi Adjunct Professor Mech. Eng.
YAMAMOTO Shigeru Cooperating Professor Elect. and Computer Eng.
SAITOH Takehisa Cooperating Professor Environmental Design
TERAOKA Yoshikazu Cooperating Associate Professor Mech. Eng.

RSET : Research Center for Sustainable Energy and Technology
InFiniti : Institute for Frontier Science Initiative