Development and application of environmental power generation technology based on light and vibration

Outline of Projects

Our aim is formulation of an energy research hub by using a combination of power generation and information technology as a university together with regional societies. We develop a wireless sensor system with an independent power system using our organic photovoltaics and vibrational energy harvesting technologies for social infrastructure, plant,agriculture, to contribute safe and secure society.


division Div. of Energy Harvest. Technol. division director ISHIJIMA Tatsuo
organization name attribute job title affilication
ISHIJIMA Tatsuo Full-time Professor RSET
TAIMA Tetsuya Adjunct Professor InFiniti
UENO Toshiyuki Adjunct Associate Professor Elect. and Computer Eng.
KARAKAWA Makoto Adjunct Associate Professor InFiniti
TAKAHASHI Koshin Adjunct Professor Chemistry
KITAGAWA Akio Cooperating Professor Elect. and Computer Eng.
MAEDA Katsuhiro Cooperating Professor Chemistry
NISHIMURA Tatsuya Cooperating Associate Professor Chemistry
IKAI Tomoyuki Cooperating Associate Professor Chemistry

RSET : Research Center for Sustainable Energy and Technology InFiniti : Institute for Frontier Science Initiative