• Environmental
    Div. of Energy Harvest. Technol.
    Contribute to realization of an advanced information society in which information and electricity are closely connected by supplying electric energy to information terminals and sensor devices by utilizing various unused unused small energy existing in the environment, light and vibration .
  • Power Generation
    Div. of Renewable Power Generation
    We will aim for sophistication of power generation technology by local renewable renewable energy according to Hokuriku climate and demand. We will conduct research and development of small wind power generation system, thermal float type vertical wind power generation system, high performance combustion power generation system, thermoacoustic power generation system, which is a thermal / fluid energy conversion system ranging from watt to megawatt.
  • Biomass EnergyPublication
    Div. of Biomass Energy
    Establishment of small-scale distributed biomass energy creation technology by combining production of hydrosphere biomass and energy carrier production from biomass and fuel cell technology, and application of the developed technology and system evaluation with the Noto district where the population declining is a model case aim.
  • Div. of Energy Harvest. Technol
  • Div. of Renewable Power Generation
  • Div. of Biomass Energy